Welcome to the English version of Pennen er mektigere, a blog about writing instruments, hand writing, and the power of words.

Pennen er mektigere is a Norwegian phrase, meaning “The pen is mightier”. This blog is primarily Norwegian, and started as a fountain pen blog back in 2019. Since then it has evolved into a blog with a broader theme, but most of our articles are still related to hand writing and stationery.

Over the past several years, we have published well over 500 blog posts and articles in Norwegian. We know that we’ve also had a few international readers, using Google Translate to read our musings, and that’s the reason why we now will offer an English part of the blog. In time, this page will have proper English translations of a lot of the articles that previously have been available only in Norwegian (and through Google Translate, with all of its inaccuracies).

Many of the articles on the blog is written with a Norwegian focus. We have articles about the Norwegian pen and pencil industry, about handwriting in Norwegian schools, and other themes that are especially relevant in Norway. The stories, however, can still be interesting also for readers outside of Norway, and although some of them might prove difficult to translate, the goal is to make these articles also available in English.

To begin with, we will not have a regular publishing schedule on the English version of the blog. The main priority will still be the Norwegian version, but we will publish translations here whenever we have the time and capacity to do so.

Sometimes the articles here will be direct translations, other times there might be other revisions involved, to make them more accessible for an international audience. In time, we might also write some articles here that will not be available in Norwegian. Time will show what this international version of the blog will become.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will enjoy our blog. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, or share your opinions in the comment sections.

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