Inktrapment: Diamine Inkvent 2023 no. 2

Inktrapment: Diamine Inkvent 2023 no. 2

The second ink in this year’s Inkvent is from the standard series. Standard inks have neither shimmer nor other “special” characteristics such as scent or a lot of sheen, but can instead have significant shading, a darker halo, or a bit of sheen in wet areas.

Cashmere Rose is a quite dark, dusky rose color with some shading. In wet areas, it has a dark, almost black halo. The ink seems to have a medium wet flow.

The ink swatches at the top show other dusky rose pinks from my collection: Arranged left to right, Ferris Wheel Press Lady Rose, Robert Oster Plumb Nut and Rose Gold Antiqua (which also has gold shimmer), and Cashmere Rose.

I find the color of Cashmere Rose to be somewhere inbetween Plumb Nut and Rose Gold Antiqua.

Liv Mogstad Strickert is a regular contributor to Pennen er mektigere and will be posting daily ink reviews of Diamine’s Inkvent 2023 in December.

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