Inktrapment: Diamine Inkvent 2023 no. 23

Inktrapment: Diamine Inkvent 2023 no. 23

Finally, another standard ink!

Fireside Snug is a dark red orange or red brown, with coppery sheen in wet areas. It has significant shading and looks very, very nice. It appears to have a moderately wet flow.

As we can see, it resembles a couple of other inks I have on hand: It is darker than Diamine Autumn Oak and a bit browner than Taccia Koiame. Caramel Sparkle is probably the closest match in terms of color (excluding the shimmer), but it might be a tad redder.

Liv Mogstad Strickert is a regular contributor to Pennen er mektigere and will be posting daily ink reviews of Diamine’s Inkvent 2023 in December.

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