Inktrapment: Diamine Inkvent 2023 no. 25

Inktrapment: Diamine Inkvent 2023 no. 25

The final door reveals – of course – a purple ink.

Diamine doesn’t specify which ink series this belongs to, but I believe Raise a Glass is a chameleon ink. The color is a deep and saturated purple with gold-green shimmer and gold sheen. It’s a bit too dark to showcase any shading. The ink also seems very wet and dries slowly.

I’m not usually one for using lofty words, but I would actually describe this ink as “royal.” The combination of color, shimmer, and sheen is striking, as shown even better in the very bottom picture in this post.

A quick look at the last five days collectively reveals two very different purple inks, the only truly red ink in the entire calendar, and two new favorites. I enjoyed several of these inks, but I particularly appreciated Fireside Snug and Sugar Snap!

Liv Mogstad Strickert is a regular contributor to Pennen er mektigere and will be posting daily ink reviews of Diamine’s Inkvent 2023 in December.

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