Inktrapment: Diamine Inkvent 2023 no. 11

Inktrapment: Diamine Inkvent 2023 no. 11

Behind today’s door we find ink series number five!

Glacier is from a new ink series Diamine has named Star Bright. It’s not easy to say what makes the Star Bright inks different from their other shimmering inks, but it might be the sheer amount of shimmer? Because Glacier has a significant amount of silver shimmer. The color is a fairly light ice blue with some shading. The ink itself seems moderately wet, but the silver shimmer ended up clogging the feed in my pen a bit.

Liv Mogstad Strickert is a regular contributor to Pennen er mektigere and will be posting daily ink reviews of Diamine’s Inkvent 2023 in December.

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