Inktrapment: Diamine Inkvent 2023 no. 8

Inktrapment: Diamine Inkvent 2023 no. 8

I may have already found my favorite ink from the 2023 Inkvent.

Jacaranda is a standard ink, with a very pale and almost luminous periwinkle color and some shading. In wet areas, it has some pink undertones and a darker purple halo. It might be a bit too pale for finer nibs, but the flow is excellent.

Unlike the two Sailor inks in the picture above, Jacaranda isn’t really a multi shading ink, but there’s enough color variation to give it an extra flair.

The only drawback is that Jacaranda is not a particularly Christmassy color to me. (Perhaps the jacaranda tree blooms in December, what do I know?) But it really doesn’t matter because it’s so darn pretty!

Liv Mogstad Strickert is a regular contributor to Pennen er mektigere and will be posting daily ink reviews of Diamine’s Inkvent 2023 in December.

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